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Freelance CTOs & High-Growth Businesses

During periods of rapid growth, a freelance CTO brings experience of accommodating the growth, through coaching, architecture, code and process audits, and more

CTO Support

Where the founding technical lead is inexperienced with strategy, leadership or architecture, our CTOs can provide coaching and mentoring, as well as sharing their load where helpful.

Team and Resource Planning

Enabling speed of growth through strategically planning team sizes and structure, our CTOs can also ensure your business develops a culture attractive to the highest calibre candidates.

Code and Team Audits

Knowing where issues exist is vital to business owners at this stage of the business, to avoid rapidly building on top of problematic foundations. Our experienced CTOs can systematically help evaluate areas of weakness and provide a programme for improvement.

Software Development Best Practices

To ensure maintainability and high performance of the platforms, software must be developed using best practices and modern architecture techniques. Our experienced software engineers can help make sure the product is built the best way.

Platform Rearchitecture

While ground-up product rewrites are not recommended, rearchitecting problem areas using modern techniques such as microservices can speed up development and reduce operational costs. With many years of experience in similar undertakings, our CTOs can help ensure success in this.

Quality Assurance Planning

As the development of your project begins to accelerate, a strategic approach to quality is vital. With freelance QA specialists in the team, we can help prepare for this, implementing continuous delivery pipelines, coaching in BDD and TDD and setting benchmarks for testing.

Platform Scalability Testing

As volumes increase, it's vital to know the limits of the core platform. We can help operations teams form a strategy to ensure visibility of the platform's stress points.

Agile Coaching

Our CTOs are all experienced in leading teams through agile and lean transformations, leading to heightened transparency and predictability, improved productivity and shorter time to market.

Project Rescue

If product development is at risk, our CTOs can help turn it around and coach the team to prevent future recurrences, as well as providing a full debrief and root cause analysis.

Co-founder Coaching

For both technical and non-technical founders, having an independent, technology focused advisor and coach can improve relationships and productivity, and ensure the success of your venture.

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Common questions about Freelance CTOs

Drop us an email at if you have any more questions, and we'll reply as soon as possible.

  • Isn't using a Freelance CTO expensive?

    While on a full-time basis a freelance CTO will cost more than a permanent, salaried CTO, having a more part-time, fractional relationship with a CTO-level strategist can save a business money. This type of relationship can be preceded by a short, fixed-length engagement, beyond which the number of days per month can be planned and agreed based on your needs. This is commonly cheaper than the cost of a permanent CTO.

  • What does it cost?

    Saccade has a standard day rate for all CTOs and other freelance C-level executives, but the shape and duration of each engagement and the means of engagement is tailored to every client. We'd love to discuss how this would work for you - drop us a line using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

  • Would an equity share be possible as payment?

    We generally opt for a deferred payment scheme rather than equity or options when working with very early stage startups, solely for logistic reasons, as there is a real operational overhead in appearing in several startups' cap tables.

  • How long does an engagement last?

    All our engagements are tailored to your specific situation, but typically they will either begin with a fixed period of 2 - 10 days of assessment and investigation, followed by a set number of days per month, or be limited to a fixed 5 - 20 day period.

  • Can you join our advisory board?

    Absolutely - we have a plan available for advisory board services. Drop us a line to learn more.

  • Can you help me find a permanent CTO?

    Yes, this is something we commonly assist with as part of a separate engagement, but not where the sole purpose of the engagement is recruitment. We're able to make introductions to placement specialists in this case.

  • What are the dangers of using a freelance CTO?

    While a freelance CTO can provide fill-in support for limited periods, followed by longer stretches of advisory and support, it's important that the business understands that there is likely to be a need for a permanent technology lead at some point, and we openly suggest that engagements aren't held for longer than is reasonable.

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